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Our Mission Statement

To safely transport our students to their destination providing them the opportunity to make extraordinary achievements.

Be a member of our awesome Bus Drivers Team!

Our highly qualified Jubilee Transportation Team are all drivers that meet and maintain these criterias:

  1. Successfully pass fingerprinting, background criminal and motor vehicle checks.
  2. Pass pre employment and yearly physical and drug screen exams
  3. Our operators hold a class B CDL with P& S endorsements
  4. Texas school bus safety training
  5. Policy and procedure training
  6. Student Management training
  7. CPR and first aid training. Some drivers currently have this. Our goal is for all to obtain certification.

Meet Our Staff

South Central Region

  • Aramari Galloway - District Transportation Coordinator
  • Harrison Carter - Lead School Bus operator
  • Annette Montes - School Bus Operator
  • Marsha Turner - School Bus Operator

Rio Grande Valley Region

  • Dalila Chapa - Lead School Bus operator
  • Miguel Gonzales - School Bus Operator
  • Silvia Garcia- School Bus Operator

Coastal Bend Region

  • Laura Gonzales- School Bus Operator

Central Region

  • Deondrae Session- Lead School Bus Operator

Bus Operator Identification

In the event of an operator change in the route, you and your student can identify the school bus operator by their district issued ID.

In the Event of Mechanical Failure

The district will work diligently on proving the operator with another bus as quickly as possible. We will send out a mass message to our bus rider’s explaining the delay in service and provide updates on the ETA. The transportation department will notify the school so that breakfast can be held for the students upon their arrival.

Bus Danger Zones

Loading and unloading the bus is the most dangerous part of transportation. The area surrounding the bus is considered a DANGER ZONE due to the many blind spots the students can be hard to see. We want to create awareness of these zones to keep our students safe. Please help us by:

● If your student misses the bus stop or the bus is already getting ready to depart the stop DO Not chase the bus and please do not allow your student to run along side the bus. Once the bus is moving the driver may not see your student, especially if it is dark outside.

● Crossing the street must be the last resort. If they have to cross make sure that all traffic has stopped on both sides of the road and have your student walk 10 feet in front of the bus so the driver can see them and they can see the driver.

● IF your student drops something they are not to pick it up. Tell them to let the driver know and follow their instructions.

● Stay with your child at the bus stop at until they are safely inside the bus

Bus Stop Safety

Arrive at the bus stop 5 min before pick up and remain on the sidewalk. Do not run around or jump off curbs. Stand in a safe distance away from the street and be sure to be visible as the Bus Operator approaches the stop. Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop and the bus operator gives the signal that it is ok to start loading the bus. Once on the bus proceed slowly to your designated seat.


We expect all students to follow the same rules as they would inside their classroom as well as the school bus specific rules. The transportation coordinator will administer discipline procedures with the assistance of the driver.

Field Trips

The purpose of our field trips is for our students to gain hands on experience with their education. They are fun and they provide an out of classroom environment. All rules of the classroom must be followed and the student chaperone ratio must be10:1. If space allows, the chaperones may accompany the students on the bus. All chaperones must undergo a background check and be cleared by the schools officials to join the field trip. Please get with the teacher or the friendly front desk receptionist for the steps on having a background check done.

Parents Responsibility

Discuss with your students all rules regarding the school bus. Explain the dangers of the danger zones, crossing the street and what to do if they drop an item.

Contact Information

Aramari Galloway, Transportation Coordinator

Phone: (210) 333-6227 Ext 60061


Parent Handbook

Field Trip Rules

School Bus Rules

School Bus Emergency Procedures

Transportation Request Forms

Bus Rider Information Sheets

School Bus Emergency Procedures