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About Us » The Jubilee Way

The Jubilee Way

The term, “The Jubilee Way” is used to describe the how and why of what we do.

How we conduct business; interact with our board members, each other, parents and students; and why we do it that way is extremely important to our culture.  In order to sustain the Jubilee culture and pass the Jubilee Way on to the next generation of leaders, we have compiled the following axioms as a guide for all who desire to join Texas’ premier charter school, Jubilee Academies.

Jubilee's Cultural Values

- Joy

- Understanding

- Balance

- Integrity

- Leadership

- Empowerment

- Excellence

  • Children first, then parents, then teachers, then us 
  • Teachers will be provided opportunities to improve their craft
  • Parents share the responsibility for educating their child
  • We only hire 10s
  • Teacher autonomy is paramount
  • We must love one another
  • Take the high road
  • Our biggest room is the room for improvement-Continuous Improvement
  • Customer service exceeds expectations
  • There are no sacred cows
  • Transparency & accountability:  ask anything and question everything
  • Loyalty is to principle not personality
  • Invest in people – they are our greatest asset
  • Maintain a professional workplace
  • Attitude is everything
  • Leadership is not a sometimes thing
  • We have our non-negotiables
  • Failure is not an option