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Separation of Employment

It is important that an employee leaving Jubilee Academies employment is treated with respect and appreciation for work done. Even and perhaps especially in circumstances less than amicable, respect for the departing employee is critical. Jubilee Academies HR department is dedicated to ensuring our former employee receives all the essential information in order to make this transition smooth. 

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Employee Separation 

Employees who have separated from our district, are offered the opportunity to participate in a voluntary and confidential separation survey regarding the employee’s experience during their employment and to help improve our recruitment and retention of staff.

All separation survey data will be maintained confidentially by the Human Resources Department.

Employee Separation Survey

Eligible for Rehire

Any employee who has not been terminated for cause is eligible for rehire.

How to determine whether, or not an employee has been "Terminated for Cause" (TFC):

  1. If we contested their unemployment claim, then they have been "Terminated for Cause"
  2. If they were not given an opportunity to resign in-lieu of termination, they were "TFC"
  3. Employees who are simply not invited back for the following year are notto be considered

“Terminated for Cause” and are therefore eligible for rehire

*The HR Department will determine if an applicant is eligible for an interview and therefore hirable, upon receiving a "Request for Interview" form from the hiring official or their staff.  Please remember that once an applicant has been deemed "eligible for hire or rehire", the authority to hire or not hire, still remains with the hiring official and not HR.