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Bilingual/ESL Curriculum

ACCESS Newcomers Program Package

District Initiative: Grades 3-8 (newcomers, beginners and low intermediate proficiency level English Learners)

Designed specifically for newcomers, ACCESS Newcomers introduces essential language and content.

  • Focuses on 2,160 high-frequency words
  • Introduces key vocabulary and concepts from content areas
  • Builds oral language through context sentences and patterns
  • Provides a rich assortment of lessons and activities Includes Lesson Cards, Teacher's Edition, Pupil's Edition, Word Tiles, Assessment Folder, Transparencies and CD-ROM

ACCESS Content Area Program (6-12)

District Initiative: Secondary: newcomers, beginners and low intermediate proficiency level English Learners)

ACCESS English provides a standards-based curriculum that helps ELLs build language and communications skills.

  • Focuses on the big ideas in English through high-interest lessons in literature, writing, reading, and grammar
  • Supports and scaffolds different levels of language proficiency
  • Builds oral language through engaging activities
  • Complements classroom activities and builds academic vocabulary
  • Provides step-by-step models and a highly visual design to make content more accessible
  • Supports adequate yearly progress and helps prepare students for high-stakes testing vocabulary
ACCESS Math ACCESS Science ACCESS World History ACCESS American History

Includes Step-by-step teaching support, differentiated instruction, and ideas for engaging students

Builds content-area language skills so students can access science content.

Presents standard-based history content in a simple, graphics-based format and helps students work on language skills as they build content literacy.

Covers the big ideas in American history to help students develop language skills as they build content literacy.

Additional Resources

Reader's Theater

Readers Theater is readers reading a script adapted from literature, and the audience picturing the action from hearing the script being read aloud.  It requires no sets, costumes, props, or memorized lines.  Instead of acting out literature as in a play, the performer’s goal is to read a script aloud effectively, enabling the audience to visualize the action.  Performers bring the text alive by using voice, facial expressions, and some gestures.

Reader's Theater helps to:

  • Develop fluency through repeated exposure to text.
  • Increase comprehension.
  • Integrate reading, writing, speaking, listening in an authentic context.
  • Engage students.
  • Increase reading motivation.
  • Create confidence and improve the self-image of students.
  • Provide a real purpose for reading.
  • Provide opportunities for cooperative learning.

Primary Source Readers

Take an in-depth look at social studies topics and foster content-area literacy through reading and writing activities.

This series delves into specific social studies topics that help bring the past to life. Filled with content-rich, age-appropriate books that complement social studies and language arts curricula, these kits are the perfect tool to build social studies knowledge.


These unique kits by Teacher Created Materials provide teachers with everything they need to easily implement the program.

  • Differentiate instruction with leveled pairs of readers connected to a common theme
  • The Teacher's Guide features accompanying lessons for each title that are easy to implement 
  • Digital resources include PDFs of books, primary sources to support texts, and student reproducibles
  • Interactive Books provide additional opportunities for students to interact with text in meaningful, purposeful ways
  • Professional recordings of books model fluency

Carrousel Kit

Carrousel Kit - PK-8th grade (ESL Regions)


Parent Resources