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Carnegie Learning’s instructional approach is based upon the collective knowledge of cognitive scientists, master practitioners, and ongoing research initiatives. Not only is it aligned with the most current math education standards, it’s based on a scientific understanding of how people learn, and a real world understanding of how to apply that science to conceptual math understanding as well as deeper learning skills like creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication. It’s not just smart, it’s practical. At its core, their instructional approach is based on three simple, yet critical components.
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Materials draw students in, activating their prior knowledge and experiences, presenting real-world examples, and facilitating collaborative classroom activities that generate curiosity and plant the seeds for deeper learning.


Rigorous and challenging opportunities are provided for group and independent learning, helping our teachers identify where an individual student needs additional support and how best to adjust instruction to make progress and build confidence.


Students are expected to bring it all together and show what they know. Ongoing formative assessment underlies the entire learning experience, driving real-time adjustments, insights, and measurements in a way that is invisible to the student.

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