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ESL Reading Smart™ Software

District Initiative: Newcomers and Beginner proficiency level English Learners in secondary level.

ESL Reading Smart is an effective web-based learning environment designed to accelerate English language development (ELD) for English language learners in grades 4 through 12, college, and adult education programs. Each lesson contains activities and reading selections for students, as well as online lesson plans, worksheets, and printable handouts for teachers.

Instructional materials are written at a variety of English proficiency levels, helping teachers solve the challenge of teaching ELLs in multilevel classrooms.

  • Accelerate English language development
  • Support WIDA,TESOL, and state ESL learning objectives
  • Track student's English language development
  • Integrate Language Arts and ESL objectives
  • Integrate reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills

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Imagine Learning Language & Literacy Software

District Initiative: Newcomers and Beginner proficiency level English Learners in the elementary level.

Literacy growth you can measure.

Student engagement leads to better outcomes.

Say hello to proven results for Pre-K through grade 5 students, with dynamic instruction that’s research-based, strategically scaffolded, and incredibly engaging to use.

Imagine Language & Literacy delivers personalized instruction that adapts to each student’s unique needs. With over 4,300 engaging activities and support in 15 languages, the program builds powerful academic language and literacy skills and accelerates student achievement. Including the following:

  • Language Development - Accelerate sophisticated academic and discipline-specific language development through reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • Differentiation - Ensure that students are working on the edge of their learning curve with instantly differentiated instruction.
  • Engagement and Motivation - Utilize research-proven gamification strategies to motivate student learning.
  • Galileo® K-12 Assessment - Imagine Language & Literacy’s effective, engaging instruction is now enhanced with Galileo K-12’s assessment system. With over 30 years of research behind it, Galileo K-12 provides a comprehensive assessment system that incorporates the best of learning science.