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Physical Education

Jubilee Students and Coach on the turf

The Jubilee Academies general physical preparation program is an innovative physical education curriculum designed to improve overall physical literacy while instilling the joy of physical activity in each of our students. While many physical education programs emphasize sport skills and athletic prowess in a particular sport, Jubilee’s general physical preparation program starts by building a foundation of quality movement skills.

We start by improving each student’s overall movement competencies starting at the prekinder level. In the primary grade levels (Pre K-5), coaches use creative lessons to develop these movement competencies that allow students to learn while having fun. Basic movement skills and fundamental sport skills are developed in accordance with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

Once Jubilee students enter middle school they take the foundation of basic skills and apply them in sport units where they will learn how the movement skills they’ve learned enhance their ability to learn and apply sport skills.

Jubilee believes that by improving our student’s ability to move safely and efficiently, that we can empower them with the knowledge necessary to live a happier and healthier lifestyle in and out of school.

In addition to the physical component of General Physical Preparation, we understand the character building opportunities that athletics provide for our students and coaches. Traditionally, athletics have provided an abundance of opportunities for character building and leadership development. For this reason, the Leader In Me program and the “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” are present in each and every aspect of the school day, including athletics.